Meru Plus offers you a great business opportunity with attractive returns on your investment. It is a fair & transparent system that combines best features of car rental services and taxi services.
The basic car models used for Meru Plus service are:
Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
Toyota Etios
Tata Manza
If you are planning to buy a new car or already own any of the cars above, which is less than a year old and in excellent condition, you can be a proud part of the Meru Plus fleet right away!
It's really simple; just put your cab into the Meru Plus consumer network and run it like you normally would to generate business. Just 4 easy steps.
Buy a car, or use your existing car
Enroll it under the Meru Plus service
Meru Plus will provide bookings and duties
Provide service to Meru Plus customers
and collect your charges
Operating model
Operational model
Meru Plus has been introduced by V-Link Group, India's most efficient passenger transport service. When you join us you will be assured of the V-Link expertise and it's uncompromising reliability.
Attractive payback period
Assured business with safety-net policy
Intercity business
Flexible business hours
Double shift, double driver facility
Cash business, no credit
Continuous brand support
Advance technology
Multiple channels for business generation
24 X 7 dedicated customer care
Guidance from professional management and more
Interested? Get in touch
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Delhi: 011 - 44 22 44 22
Mumbai: 022 - 44 22 44 22
Bangalore: 080 - 44 22 44 22
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